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Zygomatic Dental Implants: The Ultimate Guide to Their Advantages

Assume you’ve been thinking about getting dental implants. You may have come across the zygomatic implant in this scenario. However, because zygomatic implants are a relatively new type of implant, you may be unaware of their characteristics and how they differ from conventional dental implants. Finally, this article will inform you of everything you need to know about zygomatic implants.

Dental implants suitable for people with severe bone loss are zygomatic implants. When teeth are extracted or lost, chewing force no longer stimulates the bone around them, causing it to shrink over time.

Advantages of Zygomatic Implants

The zygomatic implant is designed to fit into the cheekbone rather than the degraded jawbone, which cannot support the weight of a dental implant. This means that patients do not require a hip implant to receive their implant.

When compared to other options, Zygomatic dental implants have several advantages, including:

Saves Time

Compared to traditional implants, This method will help you save a significant amount of time. A preliminary bone grafting procedure is not required. This means that there is no time for rest. They can also be placed in your mouth in a single visit. Visit this dental implants clinic for more information.

Restores Smile

This procedure enables people who are missing teeth to smile confidently. It also improves their oral and chewing abilities significantly. The outcome has proven to be a blessing and an opportunity for those who previously thought they would be unable to get implants due to a lack of bone support. Furthermore, with a completely new set of artificial teeth, it is simple to smile with confidence. The main advantage is that zygoma implants are completely successful.

Requires One Surgical Procedure

Because zygoma implants are placed during a single procedure under general anesthesia, patients have a less painful experience. Furthermore, because the process is brief, the patient feels little discomfort. As a result, the patient can chew and bite into regular food items within a day of surgery. (This includes foods that are hard and chewy.) Visit this page to find out more information.

No Healing Time

This procedure can support either a fixed or removable dental prosthetic. It is a faster procedure that requires little to no healing and is suitable for all bone sizes. Furthermore, instead of waiting six months for traditional implant methods to heal, you can get a set of functional prosthetic teeth in 72 hours.

Maintains Shape of the Face

The shape of the face If you’ve been missing teeth for a long time, your face may appear aged and sunken. This procedure provides you with an instant confidence boost by restoring natural functional teeth. It also allows you to restore the biomechanics of your denture. In addition, zygomatic dental implants will make you look younger while maintaining your facial contour. Find out all about upper dental implants right here.

As a summary

Assume you’re considering dental implants but are concerned about bone loss. You should consider zygomatic dental implants before undergoing a bone grafting procedure. Furthermore, a bone grafting procedure may necessitate additional dental visits. A zygomatic dental implant is the best option for achieving the perfect smile and self-esteem.