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Protect Your Elderly Parent: Tips on How to Senior-Proof Your Home

The process of growing older is a natural part of life, but it can give challenges in one’s daily activities. As we age, we may shed a few of our mobility, agility, and even ability to see. Easy jobs like bathing and cooking might become hazardous and harder than in the past. It can also cause older people to fall and hurt themselves because of the medication.

Ways to Make Your Home Senior Proof

Senior-proofing your home is possible if you’re concerned regarding the security of your senior family members. Local General Contractors offer a wide variety of house enhancement and elderly treatment solutions that can be budgeted and finished at a sensible cost. When it pertains to improving the lives of our seniors, there are many alternatives that any individual can use, from in-home care to getting the help of loved ones to senior-proofing the house.

Keep the House Well-Lit

Many seniors have a problem seeing, but this can be conveniently fixed by offering enough lighting throughout the house. Vivid lights instead of warm yellow tones need to be used for walkways, paths, stairways, and entrances, instead of the more traditional warm yellow colors. Eye lenses lose their ability to identify cool light as they age. To have an idea, you can visit the senior living Mission Viejo to see what a senior-proof house should look like.

Safeguard the Bathroom

An elderly’s bathroom is among the most hazardous places in their home due to its regularly wet floors. Keep unsafe floors out of the shower and bathroom by putting a non-slip floor covering next to them. It’s additionally excellent to set up grab bars near the toilet and shower to give additional support.

Having a first aid kit available in every bathroom is an extra preventative measure that needs to be taken. Consider buying a shower chair if your elderly family members have trouble standing for long periods. On the other hand, there are times that no one will be able to support your parent, so it is good to bring them to a senior living community in Orange County for someone to look after them.

Remove Any Tripping Hazards

Eliminate any possible tripping dangers in the house. Area rugs and throw rugs may look wonderful, but they’re hazardous to walk on. It’s unworthy placing yourself at risk to have a nice-looking space. Think about removing them from your house. Keep tape and grips available if your elderly loved one insists on keeping their rugs.

Both electrical and telephone cords should not protrude in locations that could be tripped over. Keeping them out of the way, either behind furniture or along the walls, would be more effective in preventing accidents.

Choose the Right Appliances

Keep putting yourself in the shoes of your elders and try to see things from their perspective. Keeping in mind the restrictions our seniors take care of when doing seemingly easy tasks like boiling water is essential. Pick kitchen appliances with large, easy-to-read controls and user-friendly interfaces to prevent reckless accidents, such as an electric kettle rather than a stovetop kettle or an induction cooker rather than a gas range. 

One way to ensure your elderly parent’s safety is by taking them to a senior living community where they can relax and enjoy themselves. You can check these senior living amenities what advantages and benefits await your senior parents.   


The idea of you trying to senior proof their house may not go over well with your senior family members and friends, so proceed with caution and consideration. You will have the ability to offer a secure and healthy environment for your elderly family members by senior-proofing your house. There’s no better way to prevent illness than to take preventative solutions.