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Preventive Dentistry: A Brief Overview

In preventive dentistry, you get several treatments that help you keep your mouth healthy. The name gives away the answer. Preventive dentistry helps you and your dentist prepare for and keep an eye out for any signs of problems with your mouth health. It’s a step you can take to keep your mouth healthy and happy. Preventive dentistry can help you care for your teeth and gums daily, visit the dentist regularly, and have a professional clean your teeth.

What Makes Preventive Dentistry So Crucial?

Taking care of your oral health can make it much less likely that you will get cavities, gingivitis, tooth loss, periodontitis, and other common dental problems. A healthy smile and teeth aren’t preventive dentistry’s only benefits. By making it less likely that you’ll get these oral conditions, you’ll lower your risk of having other health problems linked to bad tooth health.

Will Preventive Dentistry Cost You More Money?

Long-term, taking care of your teeth can save you money. If you put off that checkup because it costs too much, any services you need later will cost even more. If you later acquire a problem that needs emergency dental care in North Atlanta, you’ll wish you’d gone to a regular checkup. 

Who Provides Preventative Dental Care?

Here are the two types of doctors who are best for dental care that keeps teeth healthy.

Family Dentist

A family or general dentist can give you and your family the best care to keep your teeth healthy. A family dentist focuses on preventive care like X-rays, regular checkups, and cleaning teeth. They help you find any future dental problems and set up good oral and dental hygiene habits to fix them as soon as possible.

Pediatric Dentist

Preventive dental care starts when a child is young, so a juvenile dentist gives this care. They give children regular checkups and exams and help them make a plan for taking care of their teeth so that their teeth stay healthy throughout their lives. 

What Services are Included in Preventative Dental Care?

Here are the most common things your dentist will do to keep your teeth healthy:

Dental Examinations 

Routine dental checkups are the most important part of preventive dentistry. These include X-rays of your teeth, jaw, and neck to check your general oral and tooth health and spot any problems early on.

Oral Cleaning

You must do more than just brush and floss to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Your expert in preventive dental care will give you regular, thorough cleanings. This keeps you from getting tooth decay and gum disease in the future.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is an important part of keeping teeth healthy. When your expert in preventive care finds a cavity early, they can treat it with fluoride to stop it from worsening.

Home Care Program

As part of preventive dental care, your dentist will give you detailed instructions on caring for your teeth at home. Your dentist will show you and your family how to brush, floss, and use other items to care for your teeth at home. 


Taking care of your gums and teeth can help keep you from needing restorative care. Fewer fillings, tooth extractions, and other dental treatments may be needed if you have healthy habits and teeth. If you take adequate care of your teeth regularly, you can find problems and other diseases when they are still in their early stages. Remember that getting expensive and time-consuming dental care for serious oral health problems can be expensive and take a long time, but preventive dentistry can save you both.