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Oral Care: Why Are Dental Implants Revolutionary

Multiple tooth loss can be remedied in a few different ways. Dental implants can restore your smile in many ways that conventional dentures or bridges cannot. You can substitute your denture or bridge with dental implants and restore multiple implants with crowns. If you go this route, you’ll reap the benefits of the most revolutionary approach to teeth replacement ever developed by the dental community.

Artificial tooth bases support only dental implants. The following advantages accrue to patients as a result of this distinctive feature:

Better Looks

When teeth are lost, the jawbone recedes, making a face look older, and the cheeks shrink. Because they are surgically implanted into the jawbone, dental implants can prevent or significantly slow this process from progressing.

The stable implant allows the replacement teeth to be worn during daily living.

Patients who are satisfied with the look and function of their implant-supported replacement teeth tend to be at ease and pleasant to work with. Everyone knows this trick can help them appear younger and more attractive.

Increased Comfort

Dentures can rock because they are not permanently anchored to the gums and jawbone like real teeth are. Traditional dentures can irritate the gums and cause discomfort due to exposed nerves, but dental implants eliminate both problems.

Improved Speech 

Replacement teeth secured by implants eliminate the sore gums, lisps, and clicking noises associated with removable dentures.

Better Wellness

Compared to an individual with natural teeth, the typical denture patient with an excellent fitting denture eats at a 15-20% efficiency. Dental implants from places like Throgs Neck Dental allow you to enjoy a balanced diet that includes lean proteins, fresh produce, and other nutritious foods.

A full denture encompasses the roof of the mouth, impairing flavor perception. It is not essential to cover the roof or floor of the mouth with dental implants. Also, in contrast to traditional crowns and bridges, dental implants remove the need to modify or grind down natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth.

Dietary Freedom

You can treat dental implants like natural teeth, so you won’t have to forgo foods you enjoy or fiber-rich options that denture wearers may find difficult to chew. Dental implants in Bronx, NY enable patients to consume a well-balanced diet, which benefits their overall health.

However, you still need to avoid hard, crunchy, and sticky foods that can contribute to damaging your implants.

No Additional Upkeep

Caring for your dental implants is similar to caring for your natural teeth. Flossing and brushing regularly, as well as attending your dentist for regular exams, are still required. However, you don’t need to purchase or deal with messy prosthetic adhesives or cleansers.

Bone Loss Prevention

To avoid urgent dental care in Bronx, NY, your jawbone requires appropriate stimulation. That is exactly what occurs in the absence of a tooth root replacement. Dental implants assist patients in avoiding jawbone loss, which can result in premature face aging or a hallowed appearance over time.


Dental implants are, without a doubt, the best substitute for natural teeth in terms of how they feel, what they can do, and how they look. If the initial expense puts you off, the long-term return on your investment may persuade you to reconsider. Dental implants can be used to substitute one or more missing teeth. Replacement teeth supported by implants also appear and function like natural teeth, giving you the natural-looking smile you’ve always wanted.