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Cannabis Cuisine: 8 Must-Try Weed Edibles

Cannabis cuisine is a growing trend as more and more people learn about the benefits of marijuana. Weed edibles or consumables are an excellent way to enjoy the plant without smoking. For this reason, many dispensaries now deliver these products to their customers, such as

Here are eight must-try weed edibles that will tantalize your taste buds:

1. Chocolate Chip Cannabis Cookies

These classic cookies are given a twist with the addition of weed. The chocolate chips are infused with cannabis, giving them an extra kick. Some dispensaries also offer variations of this treat, such as white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

You can buy them from most dispensaries since these are popular products or have them delivered. If you’re in the Edmonton area, many licensed sellers are offering an exceptional weed delivery service for Downtown Edmonton.¬†

If you have the skills, you may also want to try baking your own. You can find different recipes online but makes sure to start with a low dose to see if you can handle it.

2. Caramel Cannabis Apple Slices

This is a unique and delicious way to consume cannabis. Infused caramel is used to coat apple slices, giving them a sweet and sticky flavor. If you make your own, you can use any type of apple you want. Try using caramel chocolate sauce instead of regular caramel for a more decadent treat.

3. Cannabis Gummies

Gummies are a classic weed edible in many different shapes, sizes, and flavors. You can find them infused with various fruits and even herbs. Some dispensaries offer gummies shaped like animals or cartoon characters. If you are feeling creative and have the time, you can customize the flavor and make your recipe at home.

4. Cannabis Bacon

This dish can be for breakfast or as a side to your favorite meal. Cannabis-infused bacon is crispy and delicious, with a hint of weed flavor. You can buy it from a dispensary or find recipes online to follow so that you can adjust the flavor and taste according to your preference.

5. Cannabutter Infused Cinnamon Rolls

This is a twist on the classic cinnamon roll, with the addition of cannabutter. The butter is infused with weed, making the rolls extra soft and fluffy. You can find this dish at some dispensaries or create your own using a recipe you can find online.

When buying, make sure to get them from certified and licensed sellers only, such as Select Cannabis (get cannabis in South Edmonton), so you’re sure to get high-quality products. Also, always start with a low dose and see how your body reacts before consuming more.

6. Cannabis Infused Red Velvet Pancakes

These pancakes are infused with weed and served with creamy cheese frosting. They’re fluffy, moist, and perfect for a lazy weekend morning. You can also find them at some dispensaries or make your own using a recipe you can find online.

7. Cannabis Meatloaf

This is a hearty dish that’s perfect for winter. It’s made with ground beef, cannabis-infused tomato sauce, and topped with cheese. You can find different variations of recipes online or buy them from a dispensary.

8. Cannabis Quinoa Salad

This healthy salad is infused with weed and packed with nutrients. It’s made with quinoa, vegetables, and a light dressing. Some vegetables you can use include cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado. You can find this dish at some dispensaries or make your own using a recipe.

As a general rule, start with a low dose, especially if you are a beginner, to see how your body reacts to weed edibles. Licensed dispensaries are reliable sources of high-quality weed products.

Final Thoughts

There are endless possibilities regarding recipes and flavors of weed edibles. You may purchase from dispensaries, or you can even make them at home if you’re feeling creative. Just make sure to start with a low dose and see how your body reacts before consuming more.

When buying, always choose licensed dispensaries to get quality products.