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Stop by our café in person for these following services:

Coffee & Hot Beverages

Delicious coffee

Enjoy a premium coffee or hot beverage in a warm and comfortable environment. Free Wi-Fi is available, making the cafe the perfect place to introduce you to 3D Printing and provide you with the essentials to get your daily tasks finished.

3D Printing & Supplies

Print at home or in the café


The cafe has three Makerbot printers available to public use (PLA & ABS material only). There are also two computer stations with modeling software for design or file preparation.

All 3D-printing filaments and supplies are also available in-store.


From beginner to advanced levels

CreateCafe will be offering 3D modeling and 3D printing workshops in early 2017. Follow us on our social channels to stay up to date.

Corporate Services


Defining the objectives, goals, and scope

$100/hour by appointment

We provide consultation services if you are interested in integrating 3D Printing into your organization or want to work together on a project. An initial consultation is the best way to ensure our capabilities match your end goal.

Book a Consultation


Designing for 3D Printing

$100 - $150/hour

We offer design for 3D Printing services to ensure the success of your project. We have experience in parametric and freeform modelling specifically to be printed reliably and efficiently. Rates are determined during the Consultation.


Saving you time and money

$20/hour + materials + setup

Our prototyping/production printers are capable of printing very quickly in a variety of materials saving you time in research and development and money. Get your project moving to the next phase more quickly.


Print for your product

Materials such as Nylon, Rubber, and Conductive have opened up the use of 3D printed parts on production models. With shorter lead times than traditional prototyping methods, 3D Printing is a great method of production for small batch production parts.

Large-scale Printing

Largest 3D Printer in North America

A Printer that prints objects that are meters rather than millimeters. Large scale 3D Printing has disruptive potential in a variety of industries. Visit our cafe for more information.


A new experience

If you are planning a corporate event and would like to have something different, why not a 3D Printer? We will design a custom piece representing your organization and supply your event with printers and materials.

Contact us for more information

About our Team

Create Cafe is a growing team of innovators with a specific interest in additive manufacturing, software development, and creating a sustainable future. Our team is devoted to bringing 3D Printing across Canada as well as build upon the global open sourced projects that started the consumer printer revolution. Our backgrounds in Business, Design, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, Machining, and Sales gives us the ability to execute a full product cycle within days.

Meet the Team

Current Projects


World's most 3D-printed 3D printer

The YXE3D is the an affordable consumer SLA 3D Printer capable of 20 micron layers.

Open for Presales January 10th, 2017.


Largest 3D Printer in North America

Meters instead of inches. The printer we call "Printtron" is a large scale 3D Printer capable of build volumes never seen before in Canada. Visit our cafe to see more.




#21 - 510 Cir Dr E
Saskatoon, SK S7K 7C7